Edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law

Recommended by Publishers WeeklyLibrary JournalKirkus Reviews, Booklist, Locus, and Foreword Reviews.

Cover image for Seasons Between Us: Tales of Identities and Memories, edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law (Laksa Media)

From the award-winning series comes the highly anticipated anthology of hopeful stories centering on “what is a life well-lived?”

What decisions will you make to have a meaningful life? What kind of stories will you leave behind?

Travel with twenty-three speculative fiction authors through the seasons of life to capture the memories, identities, and moments of stepping through the portal of change, as they cope with their own journeys of growing older.

From the moment of birth, through each threshold of our lives, to the moment we take our last breath, we age. Some of us leap into a hopeful future, some cling to the knowns of our former selves, some wander obliviously through the minefields and poppies of change. Something is lost, something is gained in each season. Things forgotten, things remembered.

A child redefines identity and belonging in post-Soviet Hungary. A girl blossoming to adult awareness exchanges life for death in rural Canada. A college student chooses between the magic of ancient spirits and the magic of daily happiness in modern Japan. In futuristic India, a mother finds joy in the balance between family and career. Under the Andalusian sun, a mathematician consults his older self in affairs of love. In alternate Tanzania, a husband and wife discover wisdom in memory loss. A robot eases an old man’s grief, and a grandmother opens her heart when she listens to her child. And many more.

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Praise for Seasons Between Us

“Featuring a diverse range of protagonists and a wide variety of genre and voice, this anthology nevertheless forms a cohesive whole, united by deep thought, emotional truth, and a hopeful tone. Speculative fiction fans will find it well worth searching out.”—Publishers Weekly

“VERDICT: This collection is at turns haunting, yearning, and hopeful. An excellent volume of varied voices, both familiar and new.”Library Journal

“Through soft and hard science fiction, magical realism, folklore, horror, high fantasy, and alternate history, the 20 stories and two poems tackle aging, loss, change, and adaptation. Like the authors and characters, the settings are diverse… Fans of speculative fiction are well served.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A thought-provoking collection of short works. The subtitle clearly labels the contents while not fully preparing the reader for the depth of emotion and vulnerability found within.”—Booklist (American Library Association)

“The dazzling speculative fiction anthology Seasons Between Us features a range of distinct and powerful voices. By stretching the boundaries of what is and what might be, the stories in Seasons Between Us are compelling in addressing choice, identity, and meaning.”Foreword Reviews (starred review)


Awards and Honorable Mentions

2022 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Finalist
2022 Alberta Book Publishing Award Finalist
2021 Foreword INDIES Award Finalist
2022 Locus Award longlist
Locus: Recommended 2021 Reading List
Two Finalists: 2022 Aurora (Canadian SF&F) Award Short Fiction
One Finalist: 2022 Aurora (Canadian SF&F) Award Novella/Novelette
One Finalist: 2022 WSFA Small Press Award Short Fiction


AUTHORS: Maurice Broaddus, Vanessa Cardui, C.J. Cheung, Joyce Chng, Eric Choi, S.B. Divya, Alan Dean Foster, Bev Geddes, Maria Haskins, Tyler Keevil, Rich Larson, Karin Lowachee, Brent Nichols, Heather Osborne, Y.M. Pang, Karina Sumner-Smith, Amanda Sun, Patrick Swenson, Bogi Takács, Hayden Trenholm, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, Jane Yolen, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, and Candas Jane Dorsey (Introduction).


Other books in this anthology series are: Strangers Among Us (Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts), The Sum of Us (Tales of the Bonded and Bound), Where the Stars Rise (Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy), and Shades Within Us (Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders)


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